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Following Dr. Turndorf’s amazing interview on Coast to Coast AM, “Love Never Dies” became an overnight international bestseller, selling out on Amazon.

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scan0001aDr. Jamie Turndorf (aka Dr. Love), world renowned relationship expert and founder of and Ask Dr. Love  Radio tells the amazing true story of her spiritual reconnection with her deceased husband…

And shows you how to re-establish your own connection with anyone who has passed…

And how to make peace if needed.

In my new Hay House book, Love Never Dies, I share the amazing true story of my spiritual reunion with my beloved deceased husband of 27 years, Emile Jean Pin.

While we were vacationing in Italy, Jean suffocated before my eyes from a mistreated bee sting.

For most of his life, he had been one of the most famous Jesuit priests in history. He taught at the Vatican, wrote hundreds of books and articles in 10 languages!

He also founded CIRIS, the Vatican’s first and only international social research center. Out of CIRIS, he travelled the globe conducting research to determine whether the Church was actually meeting the needs of the faithful. He was also one of the founders of the Liberation Theology movement designed to fight Church oppression from within. His research, writing and advocacy changed the Church.

Since his death, he has been coming to me in spirit form.

Unlike Jean, whose life was steeped in religion, I was raised by two atheist parents. The only religion they practiced was religiously hating each other! I never went to church or read the Bible. In fact, my parents taught me to not believe in God or the afterlife.

My lack of belief was abruptly shattered after Jean’s death. To ensure that I wouldn’t dismiss the events, his persistent and astonishing manifestations–often in front of witnesses–prove beyond a shadow of doubt that the spirit lives on, relationships don’t end in death and love never dies.

For example: One day, early in my grief, I was weeping on the floor. I kept thinking: I have to call my friend Ann. Then, I thought: No I can’t bother her at work.

A half-hour later my phone rang.

It was Ann!

She said, “Did you just call?”

I said, “No, I was too busy crying.”

She said, “But my phone rang and your name and number appeared on the caller ID!”

We both realized that Jean had created this miracle in order to get her to call me, and also to prove his presence!

A year later, I was lying in bed with a bad chest cough. I feared that I would suffocate, the way Jean had. I silently thought: Jean, if you are here with me in spirit, give me a sign of your presence right now by doing the same caller ID trick you used with Ann. This time, do it with my friend and housekeeper, Donna.

Within a minute, my phone rang.

It was Donna!

She said, “Did you just call?”

I said, “No.”

She said, “My phone just rang and your name and number appeared on the caller ID!”

We were blown away, to say the least.

Soon afterwards, I met with a group of writers. The leader of the group was, himself, a Jewish atheist. I told him the story of Jean’s phone trick.

Gabe said, “I would like to see that trick repeated. This time, I’d like to see whether your phone shows a record of dialing the number that’s been called.”

I promptly forgot his challenge.

A month later, I was driving behind him and his wife, Robin, to join them for dinner at a restaurant.

At 4:58 exactly, I felt a tidal wave of love pouring into me. I could feel that it was Jean’s love for me.

When I got to the restaurant, Gabe ran up to me. He said, “Jamie, you won’t believe what happened!”

“What happened?”

He said, “At 4:58, my cell phone rang. Your name and number appeared on the caller ID. I picked up the call and a man’s voice said, ‘Is JeanJamie there? Is Jamie there?'”

Gabe said that the voice had an accent and, as a result, the word “there” was prolonged. (Jean had a French accent and he elongated that word!)

Gabe added that it wasn’t a real call and the voice just faded away. And the call never clicked off.

He then said, “Get your phone and see if it shows a record of having dialed me at 4:58.”

So, I dug into the bottom of my purse, found the phone, and low and behold: my phone showed a record of having dialed Gabe at 4:58 exactly!

We three stood in awe at how Jean was not only able to manipulate electronics but also manufacture a voice that called my name! Clearly, Jean was moving heaven and earth to prove that we don’t die, relationships don’t end in death and love never dies.


You’re going to be amazed as you read this book and discover hundreds of other mind-bending examples of Jean’s astounding manifestations.

When you read about these manifestations,  I don’t want you to feel left out or hurt that your loved ones aren’t pulling out all the stops for you.

Because Jean asked me to tell our story–to let the world that we don’t die–he needed to use over-the-top manifestations to prove his point!

Since he asked me to tell the world our story, this means that his  manifestations are for you too.

He wants you to know that your loved ones in spirit are right beside you as well! And, as you will soon discover, they have also been reaching out to you all along; you just haven’t known how to recognize the signs of spirit presence. But don’t worry, I have an entire chapter just on this topic. Once you become aware of how to recognize these signs, you will be amazed to discover that your loved ones have been knocking on the door of your heart all along. And they are patiently waiting for you to invite them in so that they can stand beside you and support you until your days on earth are through!

There’s more.


My experiences with Jean have led me to create a groundbreaking new form of grief therapy that vastly diverges from the Western approach, which can be summed up as grieve, let go and move on in 6 months.

Knowing that this approach leaves the bereaved at an even greater loss, I have created a method that enables those who grieve to reconnect rather than say goodbye.

There’s still more.


I can’t think of a soul alive who doesn’t harbor unfinished business with someone who has passed over.

As a shrink, I also know that traditional Western grief therapy offers no way of healing unfinished business with the deceased. So, I have created a technique called Dialoguing with the Departed that enables you to make peace with the deceased.

As you will discover, sometimes we need to wait until someone leaves the earth plane in order to make peace. This is because beings in spirit are more evolved, which makes it easier for them to see where they went wrong in life. In spirit they’re finally ready to admit their mistakes and right their wrongs.


During this past year, the telling of our story and the sharing of my new grief therapy method has been guiding the bereaved to reconnect and make peace in ways that have never before been possible. The healing and peace that results is astonishing—and extremely gratifying.

I invite you to join my Love Revolution and allow me to guide you to reconnect and make peace, if needed.



“I would love to thank you very much for your amazing book Love Never Dies: How to Reconnect and Make Peace with the Deceased. I use your extraordinary Trans-Dimensional Grief Therapy method for reconnecting with my beloved husband in spirit because love never dies. I’ve experienced the amazing, eternal, unconditional love. I’ve discovered your Dialoguing with the Departed Technique to heal unfinished business, forgive and reconnect with my father too. I’m very grateful for the emotional healing that has profoundly transformed my life and the new dialoguing technique that enables me to reconnect and turn grief into peace and joy. Thank you very much again. I really appreciate your help. Your book and Hay House radio shows have already been amazing gifts for me. I’m very grateful for them.”

— Malgorzata (Gosia) K.

“Dr. Turndorf, I bought and read your book, Love Never Dies. My boyfriend of 3 years ended his life from mental illness two months ago. Ever since I have been meditating, keeping my vibrations high – you know all of the things in your book. Now he is with me just as much as your Jean.

This is quite an adjustment to me and I am feeling very, well all over the place. Its like he lives inside of me. I love it. You were right, Love Never Dies. This is the most remarkable thing that has ever happened to me – outside of giving birth to my twin girls. This is very very real. I could go on and on regarding all of the ways that he comes to me and leads me, but you know how it all is anyway.

I want to thank you for your book, it makes me feel like I am not alone, that someone else has gone through this. I saw many similarities in your personality and mine as well.

The most amazing thing ever.

With Love,”

— Jane B.

“When I came to Dr. Turndorf, I was drowning in grief. It had been years and I was still irrationally angry with my daughter for dying and leaving me. A formerly devout Catholic, I had turned my back on God too. Dr. Turndorf told me that reconnecting to my daughter in spirit would eliminate my anger, because I’d realize that she’s never left me. I was skeptical but I allowed myself to trust Dr. Turndorf and open to her method. And, voila, my daughter has been with me ever since. My anger is gone and my heart is filled with joy and hope for the first time in years. Use her method and you will find peace too. Thank you, thank, you, Dr. Turndorf!”

— Christine H.

“Dr. Jamie Turndorf, “Love Never Dies: …” is spiritually magical, her courage to write a book about the loss of Jean her beloved husband is transformable. This is a must read book about the afterlife and how love truly never dies. Her experiences, she writes in her book, shows us that we can still connect with loved ones on the other side. Especially, Chapter 13, suggest ways, to be more receptive, and to open up to connect with our own loved ones that are no longer with us in the physical world. This is more than a love story, Dr. Turndorf, brings you with her on her journey, I felt like I was experiencing every part of her grieve, taking me from Italy to back to the United States. Dr. Turndorf, writes like she cared very deeply about her readers. A truly compassionate soul.”

— Angela Gentile-LIcata

“My husband and I came to Dr. Turndorf thinking we needed help on our marriage. He felt neglected by me. And no wonder. I had been carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders since my dad died when I was a teen and took over the role of caring for my mom and siblings. Dr. Turndorf told me that if I, along with the rest of my family, allowed dad to re-enter our lives I could let go of the father role. To confirm how right she was, right in front of our eyes, my dad began making her battery back up machine beep like crazy. BUT there was no power failure, and no logical reason for the machine to be beeping. Dr. Turndorf said that it was my dad’s way of confirming he’s here and in agreement. She said that once we acknowledge his message, he’ll stop the racket. As soon as she said that, the machine stopped beeping! Then, Dr. Turndorf showed me how to recognize all the signs of spirit presence, and, in no time, I began to see, hear and feel dad all around me. I was finally able to let go and stop running the show. I’m in peace and my marriage is healed. I’m eternally grateful to Dr. Turndorf. Read this book and use her method. It will heal your heart and life.”

— Tina G.

“I don’t believe in God or the afterlife, but I have to say that Dr. Turndorf’s method cured me. I didn’t even know that unresolved grief was at the heart of my problems in life. Specifically, I’ve always had a problem in relationships where I feel resentful of my partners, like they’re taking too much from me–and I could never give myself over to marriage, for fear of being eaten alive by another woman. Dr. Turndorf realized that my problem stemmed from the death of my dad when I was only 2. At that time, I saw my mother fall apart and I thought I had to be strong and take care of her. I never grieved my father. I never cried once. At the same time the pattern of care taking just continued with all my girlfriends. Dr. Turndorf had me use her Dialoguing with the Departed technique and I role-played with my mother, who’s been dead for years. I told her how much I resented her for falling apart and putting such a burden on me. In the dialogue, Dr. Turndorf had me speak my mother’s words back to me. I cried for the first time. And after a series of dialogues, I felt free. I stopped feeling burdened by my girlfriend. I overcame my fear of marriage and we got married. We have been happy together ever since. Dr. Turndorf’s method is nothing short of miraculous.”

— Peter G.

“I tell you I haven’t read a more meaningful loving story in such a long time. I’m on the third chapter, and the book is so reader friendly, also, I find myself being with you as you go through your grief. You take me to Italy, on the plane, as you arrive in Newark, picking out Jean’s clothing, the relationship you have with your parents, and how you make the reader understand the distinction between your world, and your parents world, and the sadness you feel. I find myself drawn to read the book, that is how I know how much I love the story. When I can not stop thinking about the book. So again, thank you for being so brave to talk about telling your truth. It makes me feel hopeful that I too will find the man of my dreams. Someone I could love and love me in a beautiful exchange. Your story benefits so many people. The shift to love someone, and allowing me to open myself up to a loving man.”

— Angela

“Your book is God sent to me and you are God sent to us all. My deepest gratitude to you for your courage to candidly share your life- your trials and miracles–with us. Reading your book I was astonished to find so many similarities in my life, love and loss–its as if you wrote my story. It was 5 o’clock in the morning when I was prompted by my husband in Spirit to turn on Hay House Radio and I heard your beautiful words: Love Never Dies. I just received your book and each page is a balm to my soul as I’m learning to live without my husband in the physical while opening up deeper to our Spiritual life. Thank you Dr. Turndorf and your husband in Spirit for this Divine Blessing.”

— Ursula Lord

“It was actually Dr. Turndof’s wildly romantic personal story of her everlasting love with her husband that initially drew me to this book. I must say, however, the practical parts of the book can be easily applied to any sspiritual practice. For example, even if your not looking to reconnect with your deceased uncle, you can use the same techniques from the book to connect and receive guidance from the divine. The techniques Dr. Turndof outlines in her book are based on her groundbreaking grief therapy method that has been recognized to heal and resolve grief in a way that no other form of grief therapy has. The bereaved are given a second opportunity to heal old wounds, forgive, and reconnect with the one they have lost. Aside from the fun relaxing exercises outlined in her book, Dr. Turndof makes sure to cover the many ways that spirit communicates with us. She also breaks down the various human conditions that could be blocking your connection to spirit. After reading this book you can be certain you’ll be able to recognize every sign post and message from the above. Dr. Turndof claims with practice, patience, an open mind and heart you too will be able to establish a connection and communication with your loved ones in spirit.”

— Claudia

“I received this book as a gift from a dear friend who knew that I had suffered the catastrophic loss of my wife to cancer three years ago. Since then I have read many books on the subject of afterlife communications. This book is the best I have read to date. Dr. Turndorf writes in an easy-to-grasp style that is at once both empathetic and sympathetic–and instructive. The messages of hope she conveys in this wonderful book should bring comfort to anyone who has suffered the grievous loss of a loved one. It certainly did for me. Highly recommended.”

— Bill Hammond

“I so wish to meet you one day as I have already read your book and subscribe to all that you are stating. Thank you for putting your profession on the line in writing this book. Ever since my husband of 50 years passed 18 months ago, I have been searching for anything on line that relates to death as my husband was writing his thesis about this very subject before he passed. Joe has been bringing forth many manifestations as well and I can’t seem to get enough of the subject and sometimes have difficulty in sharing what I have learned as there are many who are scared or locked into a certain religious belief. Thank you and I wish you every blessing as you move forward with your work in helping us all to know that we are “ONE” and that we are in reality, “PURE CONSCIOUSNESS”. ”

— Jeanne (Jean) Polaschek

“An extraordinary book of a wonderful love connection that continues on through eternity.”

— J J Hill

“Reading this book has and is changing my life. After I read Love Never Dies, through tears and laughing out loud, I realized I have been living “with the brakes on”. Using the meditations and tools provided by Dr. Jamie Turndorf I have a new sense of love and freedom that fills my heart, mind, soul, and body. Thank you for sharing your and Jean’s story of eternal love and connection!”

— Dr. Paula B.


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